Looking for a laundry service in Melbourne? We provide professional grade cleaning of tea towels, napkins, table cloths, aprons, towels, fatigue mats and dust mats.

We pride ourselves on a commercial laundry service, that delivers FRESH, CLEAN & HYGIENIC items. When we say you can smell the difference, we really mean it.  

If you are too busy at the end of the day to do the laundry or if you have been using someone, that does not deliver a fresh clean commercial quality service, give us a try. Our team has been working in hospitality for over 30 years and understands how important it is to have a commercial laundry service that delivers FRESH, CLEAN & HYGENIC.

We choose not to clean certain industries such as Hair dressers, as we do not want any cross contamination on our food grade hygienic commercial laundry service (There is nothing worst than a stray hair on a towel).

Call our friendly team today and arrange your FREE pick up and delivery. Call 03 9462 3430.

Industries we cover: Cafes, Restaurants, Reception Centres, Physios, Massage & More.

Gr8 Towel Co Melbourne Laundry Service

We Service These Industries

Commercial Laundry service for cafes


Commercial Laundry service for Restaurants


Commercial Laundry service for Reception Centres

Reception Centres

Commercial Laundry service for Physios


Commercial Laundry service for Massage Therapists


gr8 towel co commercial laundry melbourne

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