Professional Grade Laundry Service Melbourne

Hot wash??? Yes Hot wash.  Why? Because, we care about delivering FRESH, CLEAN & HYGIENIC laundry. We know that if you are a business owner, you care about making sure that the your tea towels, linen and towels need are clean. Not just washed but clean.

After years in the hospitality industry, we know the difference between a tea towel that has been ‘washed’ and one that is ‘clean’. A quick sniff test, and you soon know a tea towel that has been washed, not cleaned - it has a certain smell to it. A clean tea towel should have a fresh smell, almost crisp scent. It also should look clean, not grey and lifeless.

You can’t actually get  hygienic clean laundry without using hot water and professional grade detergents. So we only do hot washes. We do not let our machines be used for any laundry that could possibly cross contaminate the machines, and we certainly do not use coin operated machines that moonlight as commercial machines in their down time.

We are a dedicated team that specialise in commercial laundry in Melbourne for Hospitality and health related businesses. If you want hassle-free pick up and delivery and a premium clean at a competitive price then call us on (03) 9462 3430 or alternatively...